Quiet luxury

Navigating through very uncertain times, having purpose, as well as showing a durable, sustainable and carefully crafted approach, has become more than ever the norm in the creative industry and beyond. I was therefore strongly driven into creating a capsule collection having at the base of the design direction hand-knitted, hand-woven, hand-built objects, grounded in ancestral crafts, that celebrates the unique irregularity of natural materials and shapes. Tradition and belonging “to a community” becomes the new path to take. Designers are slowing down the making process in order to make fewer and better pieces that are intended to be loved and treasured for generations. Embracing the imperfect aesthetics of wear and ageing, these carefully crafted products welcome mending and repair, darning and patching, a faded luxury direction, where value is found in the skill, craft and story of the product rather than branding or material cost and popularity.