A wool journey: from fashion design to art installation

A wool journey: from fashion design to art installation” is a project initiated by MA RA MI, which continues the brand’s mission to promote Romanian authentic design. Our goal is to connect with a public interested in the meeting of traditionsfashion design and the cultural heritage of our times.

Andra Clițan, the designer, has created a collection based exclusively on wool, blending traditions and modern fashion in a personal way, working closely with craftsmen from Maramureș.

We started this journey a long time ago: a journey of authenticity where we can connect to our ancestors and rediscover the beauty of the simple things.

Our craftsmen from Maramureș taught us all the secrets they learned from their parents and their grandparents. What comes from their hands is pure magic, a real work of art created with love, passion and patience. Today, we present you the result of a conscious research, visually documented and transformed into fashion design.

The project, which started at the beginning of 2019, has two main objectives: to create a collection using natural fabrics as wool, adding traditional motifs and inspiration from different parts of Romania, and to document the entire process of processing wool, creating an art installation that follows this journey.

MA RA MI was created by Andra Clițan as an artistic initiative to make a fusion between Romanian traditional costumes and different cultures from all over the world.